Visual Identity | Logo Design | Typography
      Website Developer: Wenjun Li
      3D Modeling & Web design: Shuhao Liu

In 2020, I was commissioned by the founders of Quogen (previously named EGG) to conduct a new visual identity for their company. During the early research and communication with them, we developed a new story for Quogen in order to guide my creative decisions for the branding design, including the symbol, Chinese and English typefaces, color compositions, and graphical elements.

The mission of Quogen is implementing the three dimensions as the core creative principles, which aims to push the boundary of content innovation and traditional experience upgrades, helping brands connect their values and culture to their audiences. Quogen is dedicate to creating a new form of interaction and being the frontier of new media content creation. The vision is to bring extraordinary moments into ordinary life while using technology as a tool for creating augmenting connections in order to create more pleasure and surprise for everyone.

For more Information,
please visit: http://www.quogentech.com